Listening for the Future

Listening for the Future
St Columba’s Church of Scotland
Worship & Communication and Assembly & Presbytery Committees

Welcome to the Listening for the Future project We hope you will find it interesting
and that you will be encouraged to share your thoughts about St Columba’s with us.
St Columba’s will have a Local Church Review carried out by the Presbytery in 2019.
The object of the review is to give encouragement and counsel to the congregation
and to facilitate the congregation setting out plans for the next five years. As part of
the review, Presbytery will be interested in the congregation’s views on all aspects of
Church life – worship, witness and ministry, fellowship and social outreach. Listening
for the Future has been organised jointly by the Worship and Communication and
Assembly and Presbytery Committees to seek out views from the widest possible
range of those who attend our various church services, take part in congregational
and outreach activities or are in any way part of the St Columba’s family. The aim is
to find out what people like about church life and what they would like to see
developed or enhanced.

From May to September 2018, we will be arranging discussions with a number of
groups who already exist within the congregation. We also want to hear from others
who may not be part of one of the groups and will hold two open meetings in
September – one on a Sunday lunchtime and one on a weekday evening. Dates will
be announced in due course. In addition, we will provide an online “Survey Monkey”
for those who find this a convenient means of communication. We will also be
pleased to hear from you in writing at or via the
Church Office addressed to “Listening for the Future”. Suggested topics are listed

All feedback will be considered and a summary of the findings presented to the Kirk
Session and shared with the congregation next year.
Listening for the Future Themes
1. First Impressions / Joining St Columba’s / Visiting St Columba’s
• What first made you come to St Columba’s?
• Did you feel welcome? If so, what was it that made you feel welcome (or
• Do you feel welcome now?
• Do you think visitors to St Columba’s feel welcome?
• Are different groups made to feel welcome, including those with different
needs? Is there anything we should do to be more welcoming?
2. Activities and Outreach
• What social and other activities at St Columba’s do you like?
• Which activities do you think are important? Will these be important in the
future and should we find ways to continue them? How could we do this?
• Are there any activities that we should consider stopping so that we can use
resources elsewhere?
• Is it important to try to involve a greater number of younger people in our
activities (e.g. the under 40s)? How could we do this?
• Does your connection with St Columba’s enhance or sustain your family or
working life? If so, in what ways?
3. Worship at St Columba’s
• What is good about worship at St Columba’s? What do you like?
• Is there anything we could do better?
• Should we consider different styles or timings of services?
• Do you hear clearly during the services? If not, what problems have you
encountered? Do you have any experience of using the induction loop?
• Is the building easy to navigate and accessible? Is there anything that should
be considered to improve accessibility of the building?
• Do you enjoy the music? What do you like about it? What could be
• Do you feel involved in the worship? Would you like take a more active part
in any aspect of the services? If not, would you like to see others doing so?
• Do you attend other churches? Is there anything St Columba’s could learn
from them?
4. The Kirk Session
• Do you feel you are adequately informed of Session’s activities and
decisions? If not, would you welcome more information and how could this
be provided?
• Do you feel you can access the Kirk Session to provide input to its decisionmaking?
• What should Session consider in planning future activities and membership?
5. Finally….
• What do you think St Columba’s is for?

Listening for the Future Themes