TERMS OF REFERENCE (as of 15/11/2015)

  1. To be responsible to the Kirk Session for the fulfilment of the Mission Statement “to learn more of God and grow in faith and love”;
  2. To take practical steps to encourage the Kirk Session and the congregation to develop its prayer life;
  3. To foster the Christian education and deepen the faith and understanding of the congregation by arranging a programme of Bible Study and by holding occasional talks (or series of talks or discussion sessions) on aspects of doctrine and their relationship to daily living;
  4. To offer support to the House Groups within the congregation;
  5. To encourage and support the organisations and activities of the congregation offering nurture, and to develop arrangements for the effective nurture of new members and the families of the recently baptised;
  6. To keep abreast of relevant resource material issued by the Church of Scotland and by others.
  7. To oversee the work of the Pastoral Care Teams
  8. To liaise as appropriate with other Committees of the Kirk Session and to report periodically to the Kirk Session.