Recommendations April 2013

7 April

Why is it that we shy away from discussions about subjects which we all have to face? Death is one such and this week’s highlighted book “On Life after Death” by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross gives us the opportunity either to read it and pass it on and then open a discussion, or simply to have an internal discussion with the benefit of reading someone else’s experiences. Through her work Dr Kubler-Ross has been with many dying people and has distilled some of what she has learnt and observed in this short book. It has something to offer to all; the bereaved, those anticipating bereavement or those who recognise it is only a question of time before they experience the inevitable from one perspective or another. On the first Sunday after Easter, what topic could be more appropriate?

14 April

You may have heard of the Curry Lunch that is held annually in the Autumn at St Columba’s. What is it about? Well the person to ask is James MacHardy as he is the organiser and is a regular attender on Sundays. The lunch is in aid of The Dr Graham Homes in Kalimpong and the book we are highlighting this week is a biography of Dr Graham by James Minto. Dr Graham was a Church of Scotland missionary and Moderator, who went to India, originally in the 1880s, and, as a result of what he saw, founded the homes in 1900 which continue today and which now look after nearly 1500 children. The Curry Lunch this year is on 30 October 2013 and if you feel like a bit of exercise the Bike Bengal 2014 Bike Ride is in February 2014. Details of both are available from James.

21 April

Today’s featured book isn’t a literary masterpiece but it might have a wide appeal because of that. Another Man’s War by Sam Childers is the true story of one man’s battle against the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kuny to save children in Sudan. Childers doesn’t go into the ethics of his approach (he decided to fight fire with fire) – it’s more about having a passion to do what he believed was right. If you want to read a thriller which raises difficult questions, this book may be for you. We are always happy to hear of suggestions for the book stall, so do drop by and let us know if you have a suitable recommendation for any or all age groups.

28 April

The highlighted book this week is 10 Things They Never Told Me About Jesus by John L Bell. The aim of this book is to make Jesus a more flesh and blood figure – one that we can really believe lived and breathed on Earth, rather than the more ethereal image that we so often have. The picture that is created is based on bible passages and brings different passages together on individual topics to create a more rounded picture. It is particularly interesting to read Bell’s take on righteous indignation, family values and anger and frustration as well as the role of females in Jesus’ life and humour in the Bible which can easily be missed as they are quite literally “lost in translation” or in cultural misunderstanding.