Recommendations for May 2013

26 May

Marks and Spencer isn’t the only retail outlet which is trying to define its market.The bookstall team is looking for feedback in order to assess what sorts of books we should sell. We know some things, like advent calendars and the magazines, are popular but it is very difficult for us to ascertain trends,probably as none of us is a retail professional.
We would be grateful for your feedback which can be given to the person manning the stall on Sunday /today or to Jean Stevenson on 0207 720 4455 or We would really like your thoughts, positive or negative, and if we don’t get any, we can only assume that either no one cares or reads the intimations

16 May

This week’s highlighted book was commissioned to celebrate the 400 anniversary of the King James Bible. In consists of 66 stories, plays and poems written by different contemporary writers, based on themes from each book of the Bible. They do not simply retell familiar biblical stories in modern language instead the writers have different takes on biblical themes or use the biblical theme as a vehicle to express a personal viewpoint. Some of the links with the Bible are obscure but we think that gives perspectives that are worth consideration and at the very least will encourage you to reread the original . The pieces were read and performed at Westminster Abbey and on Radio Four during the celebrations.

12 May

This week we are highlighting two books which deal with prayer. Finding God in the Fast Lane by Joyce Huggett and Prayer by Richard Foster are both books which encourage developing different ways of accessing prayer and developing deeper spiritual understanding. If you feel tempted, why don’t you take a look as they are both on special offer this week! We would also remind you of the stationery we carry on the book stall – cards for every occasion. Do come and have a look when you are buying this month’s St Columba’s magazine and Life and Work.

5 May

On this baptismal Sunday we draw your attention to some books which might appeal to younger members of the congregation. For the quite small we would recommend The Raven’s Tale by Kenneth Steven, who visited us recently to read some of his poetry. For young girls we suggest Cherished might be worth a look and, for teenaged boys or girls, One Man’s War might be a bit of an eye-opener. Those with African connections might find Faith Like Potatoes an inspirational (and true) story.