The Kirk Session

Carrying the Elements

Carrying the Elements

Under the Presbyterian model of church organisation, St Columba’s spiritual and temporal affairs are governed by its elders – ‘lay’ people ordained to serve.

The body of ordained elders within the congregation is known as the Kirk Session, which meets regularly with the Minister presiding over meetings as Moderator.

The work of St Columba’s is carried out by committees, each convened by an elder. The conveners can and do co-opt congregational members and others as required, but the number of non-elders on any committee cannot exceed the number of elders. Kirk Session meetings are open to members of the congregation to observe although some items are dealt with in camera. The agenda for the Kirk Session meeting is found in the entrance vestibule to the church. Members who wish to observe must contact the Session Clerk through the office at least one week before the relevant meeting as there are space constraints.

The committees and conveners are:
Assembly and Presbytery – Peter MillsP1010006
Benevolence – Betsy Wilkie
Fabric – Elizabeth Fox
Fellowship – Rosa Somerville
Finance- Hamish Henderson
Hospitality – Ben Gourlay
Mission – Naomi Donaldson
Nurture – Sheena Clark
Staff – Michael Stevenson
Worship and Communication – Jean Stevenson
Youth – Gary Wallis
Napier Committee – Stuart Steele

The Elders are as follows:

The Kirk Session

Elders List 
Session Clerk: Charlotte Bradford
Assistant Session Clerk: Catherine McDonald


Rona Black
Charlotte Bradford
Margaret Brown
Alison Buchanan

Roderick Buchanan

Gordon Cameron
Sheena Clark
Patricia Clarke
Graham Cumming

Karen Cunningham

Naomi Donaldson
Hazel Forbes
Robin Forrest
Elizabeth Fox
Martin Funnell
Fiona Gardner
Lilias Gillies
William Glasson
Ben Gourlay
Hamish Henderson
Guy Horridge
Donald Johnston
David Kerr
Fiona Lang
Kate Macnish
Jean Macpherson
Elizabeth Maliphant
Catherine McDonald
Helen Miller
Peter Mills
Robert Mills
Sarah Mills
Daphne Moore

Hilary Natzler
Sheila Nicoll
David Nicolson
Katherine Payne
Hugh Pym
Susan Pym
Judith Roberts

Nigel Roberts

Catharine Robertson

Ian Russell
Henry Sherriff
Gillian Smith

Rosa Somerville
Jill Steele
Stuart Steele
Jean Stevenson
Michael Stevenson
Catriona Sutherland-Hawes
Frank Taylor
Gary Wallis
Joanne Wallis
Betsy Wilkie
Anne Wilson