The Friends of St Columba’s

Our Minister Angus MacLeod with Lord Steel, Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore and Local MP Greg Hands.

Our Minister Angus MacLeod with Lord Steel, Former Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore and Local MP Greg Hands.

St Columba’s is a congregation of the Church of Scotland, located in the west end of London. Its heart is Scottish but those who find their spiritual home here – be they members, adherents or visitors – include not only Scots but also those from other parts of Britain and the wider world.
The Friends of St Columba’s was formally established in 1955, to help with the re-building costs of the new Church building after the original building, which was opened and dedicated in 1884, was destroyed in May 1941 by incendiary bombs.
However, the the widespread friendship centred within the congregation was not destroyed, despite the loss of its “home”. The present beautiful Grade II listed building, whose architect was Sir Edward Maufe, was dedicated in 1955, and it was in this new home that the Friends of St Columba’s was founded.
The ongoing work of The Friends continues, and includes the following objectives:
• To build a spiritual friendship, and to help those who are no longer able to attend the Church, including those who have moved away from London, to maintain and continue links with the St Columba’s.
• To assist with the maintenance and upkeep of the Church, and to contribute towards special projects, which may not otherwise be funded.
• To raise funds and make donations to Church organisations, including the Service Unit, Sunday School and Church Magazine.
• To arrange and organize excursions to ecclesiastical and cultural places of interest.
Membership is worldwide, and extends beyond Scotland and England to the Channel Islands, continental Europe, Bermuda, Australia and the USA.
Members receive an annual newsletter, and an invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting on the Sunday which falls closest to St Columba’s Day [9th June].
Subscriptions are as follows:
Annual Member: £10.
Life Member: £50.
Members are, of course, free to make a donation at any time of their choosing.
Details can be obtained from The Honorary Secretary, The Friends of St Columba’s at the Church address.

Douglas Alexander MP addresses The Friends

Friends visit to York

In April 2014 a number of the Friends of St Columba’s took an early morning train north to York where they met up with friends from Lancashire and a group from our sister church St Andrew’s in Newcastle. We were delighted to be given a tour of magnificent York Minster by Richard Shephard, the Director of Development and Chamberlain of York Minster.  Richard serves as cantor at Matins and Evensong and is a respected composer of church music.  It was then a privilege to be taken on a guided tour of York Glaziers Trust Studio where experts are currently renovating the Minster’s Great East Window piece by piece, fragment by fragment.  This is a painstaking task, for the window when complete is larger than a football pitch. It was fascinating to learn of the cleaning techniques, the removal of old lead and the complexity of the process.

Following the tours we were able to enjoy free time in beautiful York which for some of us meant a jolly lunch at The Cedar Court Hotel where Richard Shephard was our guest.  Our Associate Minister Andrea Price sent greetings from Angus Macleod and said Grace. Andrea and her husband Neil were celebrating their wedding anniversary that day which added to the festive atmosphere.  We re-assembled later in the afternoon for Evensong at the Minster and were touched when the Canon conducting the Service welcomed us before worship began.  For most of us it was then time to head back to the station for trains home and for a lucky few, an overnight stay in York with more sightseeing on the Sunday.

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