Just before Easter this appeared in a police log: “8.26, church – lights will be on throughout the village church for the rest of the weekend; vicar trying to speed up the Easter lilies.”

As we celebrate Eastertide may we all grow in our trust in the love of God and become increasingly aware, in readiness of celebrating Pentecost, that there is nothing and there is no place where God’s Spirit cannot be. God’s spirit promises its strengthening and guiding presence. And so may you blossom with quiet joy and steadfast heart.


St Columba’s is part of the Church of Scotland. Many of the congregation have Scottish or Presbyterian connections but certainly not all. We have a lively mix of nationalities and denominations, ages and life experiences, members and visitors.

St Columba’s combines activity, peace and prayer. Many groups meet throughout the week; school children, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Night Shelter for Homeless Guests, congregational meals, musical events and Scottish Country dancing – our church witnesses plenty of life. All the while, through Sunday worship and the services that mark the great events of life we worship God and grow together.

Whether you are interested in an activity, seeking a quiet haven or a church community, from wherever you hail, and whatever your tradition, we hope you will find your way to this beautiful church, lively community and home away from home.





Revd Angus MacLeod

Revd Angus MacLeod

Revd Andrea Price

Revd Andrea Price








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